Who we are

Who we are

4Him2Day– Children’s Cancer Resource Foundation was founded in January 2010 to support local families in treatment for pediatric cancer through financial assistance, physical acts of service, “Family Days” and emotional support. In 2016 we changed our name to Darian’s Gift.

The Darian’s Gift website provides information for families when they are first diagnosed with pediatric cancer and helpful resources as they go through their journey. The Darian’s Gift website provides links related to the disease, treatments and other organizations, as well as testimonials, news and events, and volunteer opportunities.

Cancer affects more than just the sick child. It affects every member of the family, from the parent spending hundreds of dollars on gasoline and eating meals in the car while traveling to treatment, to the sibling that cannot afford to participate in their favorite activity. For the sick child, waiting sometimes hours for treatment to begin, the latest video game can make all the difference. Darian’s Gift helps meet those needs. These needs may be met through pre-paid gas cards, video games, hospital café credits, groceries, restaurant gift cards, and more.

For a family dealing with cancer, life continues to move forward. The lawn still needs to be mowed, leaves raked, oil changed, and potentially remodeling may need to be completed to accommodate the sick child. Darian’s Gift has a team of volunteers ready to help maintain the home life or recommend other organizations that can help provide resources.

A great deal of a family’s time is spent in treatment, playing catch-up, or planning for the next treatment. So Darian’s Gift wants to help families take time for “Family Days”. These moments may be as simple as an evening out for ice cream or a day trip to a baseball game or fun center. While the family is out Darian’s Gift volunteers may take advantage of the opportunity to bless the family with a service project as well.

A sick child is a tragic situation and everyone has fears, questions and pains. At some point, everyone needs someone to talk to. Darian’s Gift provides that ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, or prayer of support during these difficult times.

Darian’s Gift provides Financial Assistance, Physical Acts of Service, “Family Days” and Emotional Support for the purpose of helping families create“Moments of Joy”.  When going through treatment these moments may be what carries families through difficult times.  For other families these moments may create a lasting memory to hold onto, which may not have been possible without Darian’s Gift support.

Every family treating for pediatric cancer is on a different journey and has their own needs. Darian’s Gift is there to support every family through their journey.