This is a must see video made at Seattle Childrens Hospital in the oncology unit by patients and nurses.

4779Mckayla Ruettgers, 2015 Sholarship Winner


My first year of college at Western Oregon University is going great! My major is Biology and I have managed to get all A’s. I have found that I still have time for campus activities such as clubs and intramural sports. Having the scholarship has really helped me stay focused on my schooling as I am able to not worry about money as much. Although, I was able to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and I got my Emergency Medical Technician license over this last summer. With those I am working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for First Call Home Health. I also volunteer at West Salem High School as a lab instructor. I am very excited about completing my degree at Western because I love the campus and over all atmosphere.

Gina LabateGina Labate

I am a sophomore at Oregon State University studying microbiology with a minor in business and chemistry, and an option in pre-medicine. Additionally, I am a honors scholar and will be writing a thesis before I graduate in 2018. I am currently volunteering with Girls on the Run, a program to empower young female elementary school athletes to be active and I am involved in the pre-medical club. This spring I am also starting a job as a waitress in Corvallis. My long term goal is to attend medical school and pursue a career as a physician in the speciality of neurology. I am honored to have been a recipient of The Lisa Harder Memorial Award, as Lisa was such a vital role model in my life and the award enable me to continue my education to pursue my professional goals. A huge thank you to 4Him2Day for all the support.

I want to thank you for following up and your continued support.
Thanks again, Gina Labate

Gina BenavidezGina Benavidez

I’ve been doing really well at University and I’m so happy with my decision. I’ll just go through a run down of everything that’s been happening (curricular and non)
– I’ve made the Dean’s list every term so far
– I went traveling in Europe for three months and stayed with all of my international friends that I made at HPU and volunteered as well, teaching English in Turkey.
– I was accepted on scholarship to join the debate team at HPU
– Most recently I started living independently in my first apartment
– Next I was offered to apply for a position in Student Government Affairs, but im not sure if I want to juggle that because its really time consuming
– This summer ill stay in Hawaii and volunteer with a domestic violence shelter in Hawaii
– I continue to volunteer with HPU events concerning sexual assault awareness
– Right now Im in the mist of conducting a fundraising event with a group for a homeless youth shelter in Hawaii

That’s basically everything that I can think of! Im also looking forward to learning how to surf this summer, going snorkeling and doing an internship with a PR firm. Thanks again for all of your support!

Kind regards, Gina