Moments of Joy

Being able to provide Moments of Joy is the core purpose of the support provided by Darian’s Gift.  When a child is sick with cancer a great deal of the family’s time is spent traveling to treatment, waiting for or participating in treatment, playing catch-up at home, or preparing for the next treatment.  In addition, the financial burdens and medical bills can leave very little money in the budget for entertainment or outings, so Darian’s Gift wants to help families take time out for “Family Days”. These moments may be as simple as an evening out for ice cream, a gift card to their family’s favorite restaurant, or perhaps a day trip to a baseball game or funcenter.  Darian’s Gift wants to allow families an opportunity to escape from the stress and worries of treatment and create lasting memories.

While the family is out Darian’s Gift volunteers may take advantage of the opportunity and bless the family with a service project as well.  We are thankful for the sponsors that have donated home and landscape items, volunteers that have performed these acts, and companies that have donated tickets and meals for families to create these memories.  If you would like to donate an item or service to assist in creating Moments of Joy contact us here.