Gina Benavidez, Scholarship Thanks!

Gina Benavidez

I’ve been doing really well at University and I’m so happy with my decision. I’ll just go through a run down of everything that’s been happening (curricular and non)
– I’ve made the Dean’s list every term so far
– I went traveling in Europe for three months and stayed with all of my international friends that I made at HPU and volunteered as well, teaching English in Turkey.
– I was accepted on scholarship to join the debate team at HPU
– Most recently I started living independently in my first apartment
– Next I was offered to apply for a position in Student Government Affairs, but im not sure if I want to juggle that because its really time consuming
– This summer ill stay in Hawaii and volunteer with a domestic violence shelter in Hawaii
– I continue to volunteer with HPU events concerning sexual assault awareness
– Right now Im in the mist of conducting a fundraising event with a group for a homeless youth shelter in Hawaii

That’s basically everything that I can think of! Im also looking forward to learning how to surf this summer, going snorkeling and doing an internship with a PR firm. Thanks again for all of your support!

Kind regards, Gina