Financial Assistance

Most every family going through pediatric cancer treatment will experience a financial hardship.

Treatments will take place at Portland area children’s hospitals which means commutes to Portland several times a week.  It is not uncommon to see a families fuel bill increase to $600-800 a month during treatment.  Many meals will be consumed from drive-thru restaurants or hospital cafes rather than the family’s dinner table.  One or both parents may need to take time off work, or see a reduction in hours, in order to accompany their child to treatment.  A family may have overnight stays in hotels or onsite housing at the hospital.  The family car will need to be maintained more often and tires wear out much sooner than normal.  There is often very little left in the budget for fun or entertainment after the medical bills are paid, and a heating or utility bill may fall behind.  This is where Darian’s Gift can help.

Darian’s Gift will come along side the family, evaluate their needs, and develop a plan to minimize the burden.  We can assist with pre-paid gas and restaurant gift cards.  We have also performed minor auto repairs and purchased new tires.  Based on the family’s needs Darian’s Gift may be able to provide giftcards for groceries or household necessities.  We have also helped families get current on utility bills and have purchased numerous video games and iTunes gift cards to help children stay entertained while going through treatment.

A sick child is a tragic enough situation.  Darian’s Gift is here to help ease the financial burden a family may face as they go through their journey.

If you, or a family you are familiar with, has a child in treatment for pediatric cancer and may be in need of assistance please complete the following application and return to Darian’s Gift for consideration.

Darian’s Gift Family Assistance Application

Please mail to:
Darian’s Gift
4742 Liberty Rd S #301
Salem, OR 97302

Or you can e-mail the completed application to

A representative of Darian’s Gift will be in contact with you shortly.