Frequently asked questions (and answers!)

We offer a service that is different from other non-profits.  Here are some answers to some of the questions we hear most often.  Thank you for visiting.

  • What is Darian's Gift?

    Darian's Gift is a non-profit organization based out of Salem, Oregon which provides support to families in treatment for pediatric cancer.  Currently Darian's Gift is serving families in the greater Willamette Valley based on the availability to meet with and have direct contact with families and support them through our volunteers.  As Darian's Gift becomes more familiar to the outlying communities, and our financial and volunteer support grows, we would like to have branches in Portland, Eugene, Bend and Medford in order to support families throughout the State of Oregon in treatment for pediatric cancer.

  • How does Darian's Gift find the families we support?

    Darian's Gift has partnered with families through several means.  Some families have been referred by family members or friends.  Other families have found us online while they searched the web for information or resources.  Still others have received information from the social workers at the pediatric cancer hospitals in Portland where all children in Oregon receive treatment. Recently a mother saw an article in the local newspaper promoting our annual golf tournament and contacted us to see if Darian's Gift could provide her some assistance.  We are pleased to find families through any means necessary.

  • What kind of support does Darian's Gift provide?

    Darian's Gift provides support to families in treatment for pediatric cancer through information resources, financial assistance, acts of service and emotional support.  Unlike other great organizations that provide benefits to families, Darian's Gift wants to take a holistic approach to supporting each family.  Upon being introduced we want to know what kinds of needs the family has and determine how we can best support the family.  Do they have extended family in the area?  Do they have a local church affiliation?  Have they been in contact with other assistance organizations?  What activities does the family like to participate in?  What are the ages of any siblings and what are their activities?  What are their financial needs?  Every family is unique in their needs so we get to know each family and develop an individualized plan of support.

  • What methods of financial support does Darian's Gift provide?

    Most families need some form of financial assistance while in treatment.  A family will typically experience a reduced level of income due to the need to take time off to travel to Portland for treatment.  In addition a family’s gas bill typically increases significantly, as well as the food budget with many meals eaten while traveling or from hospital café’s.  The family car needs to be maintained more often and tires wear out more quickly.  Often with the reduction in income a family may fall behind on a power or natural gas bill or be in need of groceries, baby supplies, or household items. To help families with these needs Darian's Gift provides prepaid gas and restaurant gift cards as well as credits to hospital cafés. Darian's Gift has also purchased tires and performed auto maintenance.  In addition, we have provided grocery and department store giftcards and paid utility bills when needed. Darian's Gift has also purchased countless video games and iTunes giftcards for children to enjoy while they wait for or are going through their treatments.

  • Is Darian's Gift a church or religious organization?

    Darian's Gift is not a church, a para-church, or a religious organization. Darian's Gift is filed with the State of Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services as a Social Services organization for the “benefit of others”.  That said, the founders of Darian's Gift, Board of Directors and many of our volunteers are Christians and believe that although cancer and Darian’s death from it were horrible things, great things can come through that experience and other lives can be changed in a positive way.  We honor God for the blessings we have received and for the impact this organization can make in the lives of others.  We are here to support all families in treatment for pediatric cancer regardless of faith or church affiliation. Put all those things together and you get Darian's Gift.  Since the name does not does easily identify our purpose we added the tag line of Children’s Cancer Resource Foundation.  We hope some day Darian's Gift will be identifiable as “Make a Wish” or “March of Dimes” and we can serve and support all families in their journey through pediatric cancer.

  • Why does Darian's Gift only help families treating for cancer?

    Darian's Gift is empathetic to families dealing with any childhood illness, but pediatric cancer is very personal to our organization and the catalyst for our creation. Through our research we have found that almost any illness or disease has organizations that thankfully have been created to provide assistance.

  • Are donations to Darian's Gift tax deductible?

    Darian's Gift has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and as such all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • What percentage of donations goes to the families?

    Darian's Gift is a 100% volunteer organization. All donations go to the purpose of supporting the families we serve. We have very little overhead with our greatest expense being postage and corporate filings. We do not take corporate retreats or pay any employees, Officer or Directors. You can be confident that your financial donations are being used to support families in treatment for pediatric cancer.

  • How can I support Darian's Gift?

    You can assist Darian's Gift with donations or by volunteering. Any donation, big or small, is appreciated. A $20 gas card will help some families make the round trip to Portland for a treatment. A $5 or $10 restaurant card may be the only meal parents partake in a day. We notify our supporters of upcoming events on our website and facebook page. Please “like” us on facebook and join us as a participant or volunteer at our golf tournament, pancake breakfasts, auctions, etc. If you would like to help with physical acts of service such as yard care, or car maintenance contact us through our webpage or facebook and we will place you on our volunteer list and will contact you when needs arise. We are also looking to add additional members to our Board of Directors. An application and job description is on our webpage.